2,5 years and still no decision on streaming complaints

Forced Consent & Consent Bypass
 /  19 July 2021
Timeline of complaints against streaming services

In January 2019 we filed complaints against eight streaming services for not responding properly to simple access requests. As one of the most basic rights under the GDPR, the right to access allows users to find out what data a company has on them and how it is being used.

Exactly two and a half years after we first filed the complaints, the lack of GDPR compliance remains apparent: merely one of the eight complaints has been resolved. In the case that was resolved, noyb took the responsible authority to court. The remaining seven cases have still not been decided and one of them was literally lost by an authority.

Moreover, the involved authorities are failing to provide a concrete status update in these cases. As can be seen on the timeline, noyb regularly requests updates from the authorities but mostly hears empty promises. Ultimately, two and a half years is not a reasonable time frame for users to wait to exercise their fundamental rights. While the GDPR gives users the right to privacy, many relevant authorities seem to be unable to enforce these rights - it is likely that certain data has been deleted by now. noyb will continue to work on making fundamental rights applicable for everyone.