Donations & other Support Options

While noyb mainly needs stable long-term funding to function, we welcome any other type of donation. There are different ways to contribute to our mission.


As an independent, non-profit organization, noyb relies on the support of individuals. These donations from civil society make our work in protecting your right to privacy possible. While regular donations like membership fees help us establish long-term financial goals, we welcome any type of donation.

You can find all information on our activities and spendings in our annual transparency report.

Bank Account

We are happy about any donations that reach our bank account!

Name: noyb – European Center for Digital Rights
Address: Goldschlagstraße 172/4/3/2, 1140 Wien, Austria
IBAN: AT91 2011 1837 8146 6601
Bank: Erste Bank, Vienna, Austria


Our cryptocurrency wallets:

  • BTC wallet: 1AzuMusTizJeXckmeQ57ioAzsHrpiqgPRp
  • ETH wallet: 0x9abd6265Eaca022c1ccF931a7E9150dA0E7Db7Ec
  • LTC wallet: LcekW1AsbUVSWAVy8tLZ5XRLpszjEnMYyy


We are happy to receive donations via our PayPal link

Other Support Options

Do you have any other ideas for supporting noyb? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Donations in Kind

If you have any suggestions or are able to support noyb through donations in kind, let us know.

Institutional Support

We are always reaching out to institutions, organizations and foundations for long-term and initial project funding. But we are convinced that there are many more institutions and foundations out there. If you have a suggestion for institutional support or represent an institution that would like to support noyb, please contact us.

Volunteer with noyb

As a small non-profit organization we need help from others to accomplish our goals. We are always looking for volunteers in the areas of IT, law (mainly consumer rights law, privacy law and procedural law), public relations, media, and translations to EU languages. If you are interested in supporting noyb with your time and expertise, please, let us know.