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Thank you for your interest in digital rights and in noyb! We have collected the most important information, free to use graphics and an option to sign up to our media mailing list on this page.


noyb is a European non-profit, funded by more than 3,200 supporting members that is using strategic litigation to enforce our fundamental right to data protection and privacy.


Media Mailing List

If you want to get the latest updates right in your inbox, just sign up to our media mailing list. Mails are limited to news items that are relevant for a broader public (e.g. new legal filings, decisions and alike). For all other information check our webpage or social media channels.

Media Contacts

For urgent media contact, you can also contact here:

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Digital Interview Options

We are aware that in today's journalism there is limited time, but also demands for HD recordings. We are also working on a European level and are aware that you may not be able to have an interview with us in Vienna. We are happy to make things simpler for you (and us) by providing the following remote interview and recording options:

  • Phone or video calls: Telephone, Skype, Wire, Zoom, Jitsi or any of your software
  • Local audio recordings: Local HD audio recording (Zoom Pro H4n or mobile phone app)
  • Video system: External HD camcorder for video interviews (e.g. via Skype)
  • Local video recordings: We can also provide you with a local HD recording of any video interview

We usually send you local audio or video recordings right after the interview. For further details, just contact us at!