European Parliament calls on Commission to open infringement proceedings against Ireland

21 May 2021
EU Palriament

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution (Link) calling on the European Commission to start infringement procedures against Ireland, over the lack of GDPR enforcement. Today the votes became public: The resolution was adopted by a vast majority of 541 votes, with only one vote by an independent Member against the resolution (Link). 151 members abstained from the vote. The resolution took special issues with the Irish Data Protection Commission:

The European Parliament "expresses deep concern that several complaints against breaches of the GDPR filed on 25 May 2018, the day the GDPR became applicable, and other complaints from privacy organisations and consumer groups, have not yet been decided by the DPC, which is the lead authority for these cases."

It further highlighted that it "is concerned that the DPC interprets ‘without delay’ in Article 60(3) of the GDPR – contrary to the legislators’ intention – as longer than a matter of months."

The Parliamentarians also called on other Data Protection Authorities in the EU to "take proactive steps under Article 61 and 66 of the GDPR to force the DPC to comply with its obligations under the GDPR".

The Austrian MEP Bettina Vollath used the debate on the resolution to read out a statement by Max Schrems, calling on improved enforcement of the GDPR.

More information here: EURACTIV