Our Detailed Concept

noyb uses best practices from consumer rights groups, privacy activists, hackers, and legal tech initiatives and merges them into a stable European enforcement platform. Together with the many enforcement possibilities under the European data protection regulation (GDPR), noyb is able to submit privacy cases in a much more effective way than before. Additionally, noyb follows the idea of targeted and strategic litigation in order to strengthen your right to privacy. We will also make use of PR and media initiatives to emphasize and ensure your right to privacy without having to go before court. Ultimately, noyb is designed to join forces with existing organizations, resources and structures to maximize the impact of GDPR, while avoiding parallel structures.

Q&A with Max Schrems


Many companies ignore the stringent privacy laws in Europe. This is possible, because it is too complicated and expensive for individual users to claim their rights. noyb closes the gap between law and the reality by collectively enforcing your rights, so that your rights become reality.

Strategic and Effective Enforcement

noyb pursues strategic and effective enforcement by thoroughly analyzing and prioritizing privacy violations, identifying the legal weak spots of these cases and litigating them with the best possible strategy and the most effective method to achieve maximum impact.

Collaborative Effort

noyb fills a structural gap in private sector privacy enforcement. We actively cooperate with existing NGOs and groups in the fields of privacy, IT security and consumer protection.

Crucial Moment

In May 2018, the new Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force – heralding a new era in EU privacy protection with serious, new enforcement mechanisms. It allows NGOs, such as noyb, to collectively enforce your digital rights.

Experienced Team & Members

noyb was initiated by Max Schrems (an Austrian lawyer and privacy advocate) and brings together a large group of experts and institutions from the privacy, tech and consumer rights sectors from all over Europe and beyond.

Focus on Commercial Privacy

We focus on commercial privacy and data protection violations, because they are wide-spread, frequent and affect millions of people. These corporate violations of your privacy and your digital rights are currently not being addressed by other organizations.

European Scope, Global Impact

The new European Data Protection law also applies to any global company doing business in Europe. In practice, this means that effective European enforcement will raise privacy protections worldwide as global products and services will have to meet these EU “gold standards".

Supporting Business

noyb wants to support businesses that seek to comply with the law, for example, by publishing guidelines and best practices. We also see enforcement against illegal practices as an element to add to fair competition.


To keep noyb running, we need stable funding. We hope to find enough people who value their right to privacy and pledge an annual contribution of their choice.