Data Security

Data Security
Encryption helps protect private information and sensitive data and can enhance the secure communication between apps and servers. If a company does not encrypt your data, unauthorized and unwanted subjects may gain access to your personal information.

In order to reduce the risks of intercepted data, the GDPR requires companies to implement appropriate security measures. If such standards are not met, the confidentiality and integrity of our communications are violated. While most companies are on the “same side” with the users when it comes to the security of their systems, there are regular obvious shortcomings, be it for reasons of negligence or cost cutting. Our projects aim at enforcing the GDPR’s security requirements.

Case Controller DPA Status Duration
C024 Amazon (Luxemburg) BayLDA (Bavaria), CNPD (Luxembourg) Pending (4 years and more) Filed:
(4 lata 5 miesięcy ago)
C055 paydirekt / giropay HBDI (Hesse) Pending (2 - 3 years) Filed:
(2 lata 4 miesiące ago)