Our Team, Members and Partners

The success of any project depends on a strong, experienced team and a network of partners. We are proud to have assembled a European team with experience in the areas of privacy, data protection, consumer rights and tech.

Our noyb Office

For our office we are building a pan-European team of lawyers and experts. Besides answering initial inquiries and helping our members, the core task of the office is to work on our enforcement projects and to engage in the necessary research for strategic litigation. Our office team is the key factor of making sure that privacy becomes a reality for everyone.

Executive Board

The Board of Directors (“Vorstand”) sets the long term goals, reviews the operations of the organization and meets on a regular basis. The Board of Directors is elected by the organization’s general assembly. According to the Articles of Incorporation of noyb all Board Members strictly act on a pro bono (volunteer) basis.

Voting Members

There are two types of ordinary members in noyb. Expert members are people who are experts in their field and support noyb with their membership dues, expertise, work and personal contacts. Institutional members are organizations and legal persons who support noyb with funding and services. Together these individual and institutional members form the “general assembly” of noyb. The general assembly elects the Board of Directors. This structure is intended to ensure an independent, stable and long-term operation, as well as the inclusion of key players in the European privacy and digital rights community. We are happy to welcome the following experts and institutions among our members, but we are always looking for fresh support, insight and assistance from distinguished individuals.