noyb and ZDF Magazin Royale are looking for "Target Leaks" data donors!

10 December 2021

ZDF Magazin Royale and ask for your data donation for democracy!

Donate your Data! Max Schrems from was a guest of Jan Böhmermann and ZDF Magazin Royale with the goal of finding as many of 4,000 users as possible, who had installed the "Who Targets Me" browser extension during the 2021 federal election in Germany. ZDF Magazin Royale's research shows how political "micro targeting" is harmful to democracy - and additionally violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). is therefore looking for affected parties to have these issues legally clarified. The goal is to enforce the prohibition of microtargeting based on political opinions, which are particularly protected under Article 9 GDPR, to make future elections in Europe more democratic and fair.

Why should users donate their data? For a legal clarification, we need the "perfect case" that can be proven. Unfortunately, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. More than 17,000 people collected the necessary data in their browser with the "Who Targets Me" browser extension during the German federal election 2021. Roughly 4,000 users still use the extension. If as many of them as possible donate their data, we could possibly find such "needles" from that haystack. The means to get there, are "data donations":

Data Upload. Any user of the Who Targets Me browser extension during the campaign for the 2021 federal election can support us by donating your anonymous targeting data together with an email address. If we find a "hit" in your data, we will contact you to clarify if we can bring a model case. If we do not find a "hit" in your data, we will delete your data and inform you by e-mail. We hope for as much support as possible from relevant users in Germany!