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Filed: (3 years 9 months ago)

This is one of noyb 101 complaints which were filed after the "Schrems II" judgement in Summer 2020. The judgement invalidated the EU-US data transfer mechanism "Privacy Shield". The cases were generated based on implemented Google Analytics or Facebook tracking code on websites by EU providers, which leads to unlawful data transfers to the United States.

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Malta DPA information

Malta DPA states in a letter regarding all noyb proceedings before the Malta DPA that it is not the competent DPA to investigate the alleged violation since the controller's seat is in the UK and not an EU member state.
Therefore, we consider this case closed.

Maltese DPA wrote that it seems that the controller is established in the UK

Maltese DPA wrote that it seems that the controller is established in the UK and therefore the consistency mechanism does not apply an that the case is still under examination

noyb asked for an update
Maltese DPA replied stating that they do not consider themselves competent

Maltese DPA replied stating that the controller is not established in Malta, and they are not competent under Art. 55 and 56. However, they will still cooperate closely with the other DPAs on the matter.

noyb sent followup email to Maltese DPA
Maltese DPA confirmed receipt of complaint