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Filed: (3 years 1 month ago)

One of our series of complaints on cookie banners.

Date Summary
Decision by CNPD

Claims that under the ePrivacy Directive the CNIL would be competent for amazon.fr. Regarding the GDPR violations the DPA considers the complaint too vague and states that it previously already issued a decision against Amazon and therefore cannot issues a new decision.

CNPD informs us after update request

They are working on the case

Submission by noyb CNPD competent

Controller did not fix its banner. CNPD is competent. A previous decision in another case does not solve our case. An individual decision was requested.

Call with CNPD

Call with the CNPD. Confirmed that the deadline is open. Exchanged about legal arguments.

DPA informed the two week deadline period was interrupted and no decision has been adopted yet
noyb clarification and the confirmation of the intention to make a submission in the case
noyb email informing the DPA we will make a submission and asking for a call
noyb response asking about the competence and the past decision
DPA informed it is not competent for ePrivacy and has also decided in a similar case in the past

The DPA informed us that it cannot investigate a website with the French top level domain as it is primarily addressed to the French users. Additionally, the CNPD is not competent to monitor the correct application of the ePrivacy law. Finally, the CNPD already issued a decision regarding the processing of personal data (including personal data collected via cookies) for online behavioral purposes. However, due to secrecy, they could not disclose the decision.

Complaint filed