C037-11834 Fox Networks Group Oy

cookie banner
Case project
Filing DPA
Fox Networks Group Oy
Case status
Pending (2 - 3 years)
Filed: (2 years 9 months ago)

One of the series of complaints on deceptive cookie banners.

Date Summary
DSB forwards information from Finnish DPA

No OSS, website only in Finnish, forwarded to Traficom for ePrivacy investigation

DSB closes case for their purposes

Still open with Finnish DPA

Finnish DPA information

Case is still pending with the Finnish Traficom

Questions to Finnish DPA

When can an answer from Traficom be expected and will the Finnish DPA then investigate any subsequent processing that falls under the GDPR

Finnish DPA information

Case is currently handled by Traficom (ePrivacy authority). Case is closed at the Finnish DPA for the time being.

Response to the DPA clarifying they should investigate all the complaints also under the GDPR

In all cases personal data within the meaning of the GDPR was unlawfully processed. We consider that the DPA is competent for GDPR violations and unlawful data processing. Even though Traficom is the compentent authority for the enforcement of the national implementation of Article 5(3) ePrivacy Directive, the complaints filed do both formally and materially refer to violations of both the GDPR and the national ePrivacy legislation. We asked the DPA to investigate under the GDPR, too.

DPA informed about the intention to investigate two cases under the GDPR

They will proceed with the complaints C-037-10148 (MTV Oy) and C-037-11834 (Fox Networks Group Oy) once Traficom has issued its decisions on these matters. According to the DPA, the remaining eight complaints concern matters related to the interpretation of the so called "cookie consent", and therefore they would appear to fall within the jurisdiction of Traficom.

Asked the Ombudsman to clarify if they will also investigate under the GDPR
The Data Protection Ombudsman forwarded the complaints to Traficom

But MTV Oy C-037-10148, and Fox Networks Group Oy, C-037-11834 will also be investigated by the Ombudsman due to type H violation

Finnish SA sent complaint to TelCo Authority

Finnish SA sent complaint to TelCo Authority. Will later decide remaining violation H (legitimate interest).

DSB is suspending the proceedings

DSB is suspending the proceedings to confirm the LSA. 4 weeks to appeal this decision.

Complaint filed