C037-10811 Condé Nast Germany GmbH

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Condé Nast Germany GmbH
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Partly Won
Filed: Closed: (1 year 5 months)

One of the series of complaints on deceptive cookie banners.

Date Summary
DPA decision not to impose any sanctions

Violation type A "no reject" on the 1st layer: "Continue without accepting" is permissible. The DPA informed the controller though that "a clearer emphasis would be desirable and that a stricter interpretation with regard to equivalence is not ruled out by case law". So the DPA did not exercise any corrective powers. Type K. No withdrawal button: the link in the footer to withdraw consent is fine as long as there is sufficient information on the banner about how to withdraw consent.

Bayern DPA confirmed the receipt

Bayern DPA confirmed the receipt of the complaint and that they will be in touch with the status update after they hear from the controller.

Complaint filed