C037-10706 Chez Luxauto.lu

cookie banner
Case project
Chez Luxauto.lu
Case status
Partly Won
Filed: (2 years 11 months ago)

One of the series of complaints on deceptive cookie banners.

Date Summary
Decision by DPA

DPA considers that all violations are now fixed and that a link in the footer is enough.

CNPD informs us after update request

They are working on the case

noyb submission Type K not fixed

Controller would still need to remedy type K

Call with CNPD

Call with the CNPD. Confirmed that the deadline is open. Exchanged about legal arguments.

DPA informed the two week deadline period was interrupted and no decision has been adopted yet
noyb clarification and the confirmation of the intention to make a submission in the case
noyb email

informing the DPA we will make a submission and asking for a call

noyb response asking about the competence and the past decision
DPA informed that almost all violations were fixed except for the withdrawal button

"Taking into account these considerations and subject to an objection from you within two weeks, we consider our intervention in the context of your complaint 7,396 (you ref.: C-037-10706) to be at an end.

Should you present new elements or specific remarks with your objection within the given timeframe, the CNPD will take these elements and remarks into account in order to determine whether to review the assessment of your complaint and, where necessary, to adopt a final decision in accordance with Article 9.2 of the Procedure for complaints lodged with the National Data Protection Commission, adopted on 16 October 2020."

DPA confirmed the receipt of the complaint
Complaint filed