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Condé Nast Holdings Limited

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Filed: Closed: (1 year 4 months)

One of the series of complaints on deceptive cookie banners.


Date Summary
DPA closed the complaint procedure because data got deleted
Additional submission by noyb sent

Sent. They provide quite a detailed answer about what data they process and who they share it with. They also confirmed that Cookie IDs are stored in their analytics tool, to which third-party advertising agencies have access. Type A, I, K - not fixed.

DSB forwarded an additional submission

Two weeks

Submission to DSB

Submission to DSB: GDPR applicable, no reject button, revocation of consent too complicated, cookies wrongly classified

Submission by controller two weeks to reply

Submission by controller - two weeks to reply

Submission sent

Submission sent - the GDPR applies because they sell printed editions of the magazine to EU readers and can deliver to Austria - the violations type A and type K have not been fixed - the new violation type I has been added to the second layer of the banner

DSB forwarded the controllers submission

DSB forwarded the controller's submission - 4 weeks to reply

Complaint filed