Open Letter: Commissioner Reynders asked to correct unacceptable accusations against NGOs

Data Transfers
 /  11 July 2023
EU Commissioner Reynders

Open letter: Repeated false allegations of a “business model” when citizens exercise their rights

Instead of focusing on the legal matters of the supposedly new EU-US "Data Privacy Framework", EU Commissioner Didier Reynders used an official press conference of the European Commission on Monday, to discredit the work of civil rights organizations like noyb. This is intolerable behavior coming from the Commissioner who has been entrusted with upholding justice and fundamental rights. In an open letter, noyb formally requests a rectification and apology from Commissioner Reynders.

During the EU's presentation of the "new" EU-US Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, Commissioner Reynders used his time on stage to (for the third time) make the allegation that citizens and "non-profits" bring cases before the CJEU as a "business model". This is an unacceptable attack on the important work of civil rights organizations - especially considering the fact that Schrems, as a chairman for noyb, works on a pro bono basis. As Commissioner Reynders repeatedly brought up these highly disrespectful and false allegations, Max Schrems - in an open letter - formally requests an official rectification and apology.