Austrian Supreme Court: Facebook dismissed

 Download: English Press Release (PDF) The Austrian Supreme Court has ultimately rejected all attempts by Facebook to block a model lawsuit on fundamental privacy issues in Vienna now. In the final decision (link), the Austrian Supreme Court rejects all attempts by...

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Irish Supreme Court: Facebook’s application dismissed

  English Press Release (PDF) In the ongoing procedure on Facebook’s involvement with the NSA under the so-called “PRISM” surveillance program before the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) and the Irish High Court, the Irish Supreme Court has today decided...

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“Pay or Okay” bei

Guest commentary by Max Schrems in 'Der Standard' (an Austrian newspaper) to the subscription type 'PUR-Abo' by  'Would you like to have a bit more privacy? - Then you have to pay € 6 per month' From Vienna to Berlin to Brussels, many experts and...

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