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Gastkommentar von Max Schrems in "Der Standard" zum "PUR-Abo" von  „Wollen Sie noch ein bisserl Datenschutz dazu? – Wäre dann € 6 pro Monat“ Von Wien über Berlin bis Brüssel reagierten viele Experten und Anwalte diese Woche mit Unglauben auf eine...

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Test Cases On Freedom To Exercise GDPR Rights In Any Format

Many controllers reacted to GDPR with automated systems. While this may be effective and helpful in many cases, there is a tendency that controllers limit the options of data subjects to express their rights to certain "requests" - that may not always be in the...

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Submission at the Austrian Federal Administrative Court (BVwG)

noyb represents a customer of an Austrian bank, who wanted access to his bank account details – but was denied access. The Austrian DPA has decided in favor of the customer, but the bank appealed to the Federal Administrative Court (BVwG). In essence the bank argued,...

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noyb Office Opening Party

Our search for a new office has taken a little longer, given the Austrian tax law for NGOs. Therefore, we are more than happy that we were able to rent a modern office which is owned by a subsidiary of the City of Vienna (which has been financially supporting us from...

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We welcome our first legal interns

We are happy to welcome our first interns! The successful candidates Alessandro Dato and Stergios Konstantinou will actively support our legal team for six months. Stergios (left) is a qualified lawyer in Greece and a political scientist holding degrees from KUL...

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Submission on EU-US Data Transfers (CJEU)

noyb is now also supporting the case by Max Schrems on EU-US data transfers. This second case was triggered after the “Safe Harbor” judgement and is basically a second reference on the same case. Currently EU law (“SCCs”) are used by Facebook Ireland to transfer data...

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Our Privacy Kickstarter: Halftime – Half Funded

Halfway through the Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for noyb – European Center for Digital Rights, half of the required sum of at least 250,000 Euros was raised. The Kickstarter runs until 31st January 2018. “I am really pleased that we have reached the 50...

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Privacy-Kickstarter: First € 100,000 for « noyb »!

Foundation of the new privacy enforcement organization is within reach Starting on November 28th the “noyb” Kickstarter campaign was able to collect more than € 100.000 for the latest project of privacy activist Max Schrems: A European privacy enforcement organization...

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