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Filed: (3 years 11 months ago)

This is one of noyb 101 complaints which were filed after the "Schrems II" judgement in Summer 2020. The judgement invalidated the EU-US data transfer mechanism "Privacy Shield". The cases were generated based on implemented Google Analytics or Facebook tracking code on websites by EU providers, which leads to unlawful data transfers to the United States.

Date Summary
Romanian DPA told us that it ended the procedure

"As part of the investigation, the Romanian supervisory authority was informed that the code for the Facebook tool had been removed from the "hotnews.ro" website as of October 9, 2020, and that this fact had been communicated to noyb.
In view of the above, the Romanian supervisory authority is of the opinion that the investigation in this regard is now closed."

We decided not to appeal but to focus on the pending cases.

Romanian DPA confirmed receipt of request for update


noyb asked Romanian DPA for an update
noyb tried callling Romanian DPA multiple times

noyb called several times, the call kept dropping when any any number was pressed as instructed by the automatic voice.

noyb again asked for an update
DSB informed us that the complaint continues to be under investigation

DSB informed us that the complaint continues to be under investigation and that it is being handled in close cooperation with other concerned DPAs in order to esure a uniform approach.

noyb asked the DSB for an update
noyb checked controllers website and replied

noyb checked controller's website and replied to them that both FB Connect and Google Analytics are still in use. An email exchange with the controller followed where the controller repeatedly asked us to withdraw.

Controller contacted us saying FB Connect has been deactivated
DSB stayed procedure until LSA is established and has decided