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You want to join a purpose‐driven team, go beyond mere compliance paperwork and have what it takes to enforce the GDPR? Then apply for a position in our legal team!

Join our Legal Team!

noyb’s team is constantly growing. Currently we are about 20 people and are looking for GDPR lawyers from all over Europe. If you want to join a purpose-driven team, go beyond mere compliance paperwork, have what it takes to enforce the GDPR and build strategic litigation— then get in contact with us today!

Find out more about the open positions, how we work and what applicants we are looking for in this video:

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Detailed job offer

You can find the detailed job offer as a PDF here.

We are currently looking for:

Junior Lawyer

Key Tasks

  • Drafting of complaints
  • Legal research
  • Knowledge management
  • Legal advice on the GDPR and privacy rights

Key Requirements

  •  2+ years of relevant work experience with focus on GDPR and data protection (In‐house, administrative or law firm experience)
  • Good knowledge of administrative procedural law
  • Strong willingness to learn on the job

Minimum* salary: € 40.000 gross (about € 28.000 net)

Mid-level Lawyer

Key Tasks

  • Supervision of complaint procedures and civil and administrative procedures
  • Developing strategic cases
  • Cooperating with external law firms
  • Supporting noyb’s strategic and legal policy goals
  • Media relations

Key Requirements

  • 5+ years’ relevant work experience with focus on GDPR and data protection
  • Experience in litigation/procedural law
  • Experience in organizing and leading projects
  • Confident public speaker

Minimum* salary: € 60.000 gross (about € 38.600 net)

Senior Lawyer

Key Tasks

  • Joint management of legal team
  • Strategic and legal lead in larger cases
  • Development of the legal team and organization

Key Requirements

  • 10+ years’ relevant work experience including GDPR
  • Experience with leading teams and projects
  •  Experience in litigating large and complex cases

Minimum* salary: € 80.000 gross (about € 49.300 net)

* Austrian law requires to post a minimum salary (per 40h/week). Considerably higher amounts are possible, depending on qualifications.

What we offer

  • A unique opportunity to shape the future of the GDPR all the way to the EDPB and the CJEU.
  • The freedom to choose your own enforcement projects according to your own field of expertise and interests.
  • A progressive, yet academic and realistic approach to strategic litigation and the interpretation of GDPR.
  • Modern and self‐determined working conditons, including flexible locations (min. 75% office presence) and the option to choose your weekly hours (between 25 ‐ 40 hours) and support in case of external obligations.
  • Regular EU travels for meetings, conferences, litigation.
  • A friendly pan‐European work environment in our newly renovated and spacious office.
  • A diverse and inclusive team (age, geography, gender,languages, etc.): Our current permanent team has for example ties in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Canada, Poland and Lithuania and is aged 18 to 55
  • Lunch allowance and an annual ticket for public transportation in Vienna. We are also happy to support relevant external trainings.
  • We are happy to provide practical and financial support for your relocation to Vienna.

Minimum Requirements

  • Law degree
  • Litigation or enforcement experience (e.g. at an DPA, in‐house, law firm, NGO or alike)
  • In‐depth knowledge of the GDPR and its enforcement (beyond mere compliance, consultancy or policy work)
  • Excellent legal English
  • Basic IT knowledge
  • Relocation to Vienna

Additional qualifications (not required but helpful)

  • Additional EU/EEA language skills
  • Qualified lawyer in an EU/EEA jurisdiction
  • Specific IT knowledge (programming, etc.)
  • Previous experience in the private or public sector

More Information

noyb is a European NGO focused on strategic, innovative, and effective enforcement of wilful privacy violations by private actors across the European market. We work together with national institutions in the consumer, privacy, and tech sectors. Our team consists of about 20 team members from across Europe. More than 5,000 noyb supporting members and institutional supporters ensure a long‐term and stable environment. To find out more about the concept of noyb please check out our initial concept paper or check our annual report.

Vienna (pop. 2m) is not only located in the center of Europe and known as a cultural and historical hotspot, but it is also continuously rated the most liveable city in the world. As the headquarters of many international organizations (like the UN, OSCE, FRA and OPEC) are located here, Vienna also offers a vibrant and international atmosphere.


Interested? Questions?

If what you just read sounds appealing to you, we would be happy to hear from you at
We are happy to also just informally answer any questions you may have. If you want to apply right away, please add:

  • Cover letter detailing your motivation to apply
  • Curriculum Vitae

Application Process

We get back to you as quickly as possible to schedule a video interview. If the first interview works well for both, we usually invite applicants to informally visit us in Vienna for one or two days to get to know the office, our work and colleagues.

Please find the data protection notice for applicants here.