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You want to join a purpose‐driven team, go beyond mere compliance paperwork and have what it takes to enforce the GDPR? Then apply for a position in our legal team!

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noyb’s team is constantly growing. Currently we are about 20 people and are constantly looking for GDPR lawyers at different levels of their career from all over Europe. If you want to join a purpose-driven team, go beyond mere compliance paperwork, have what it takes to enforce the GDPR and build strategic litigation— then get in contact with us today!

Find out more about how we work and what applicants we are looking for in this video:

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At noyb we are working with the GDPR and its legal technicalities on a daily basis - oftentimes in a more detailed way than in many other GDPR jobs. This short anonymous self-assessment can give you an objective idea on your current state of GDPR knowledge and gives you a bit of insight on the topics that keep us busy on the daily.

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Application Process

We get back to you as quickly as possible to schedule a video interview. If the first interview works well for both, we usually invite applicants to informally visit us in Vienna for one or two days to get to know the office, our work and colleagues.

Please find the data protection notice for applicants here.