National Administrative Procedures and DPA inactivity

National Administrative Procedures and DPA inactivity
In theory, individuals can enforce their right to privacy at their local data protection authority (DPA). In reality, DPAs often don’t investigate at all, fail to make timely progress in their cases, or dismiss cases without legal reasoning. The goal of these projects is to challenge the decisions of the data protection authorities where legitimate and well-grounded complaints were rejected or not dealt with by the data protection authorities.

In this project, noyb

  • filed procedures against DPAs in several European countries for their refusal to investigate complaints or delayed procedures, 
  • supported complainants that were not heard or did not receive a proper decision, and
  •  reviews national laws that are designed to undermine the GDPR.

Case Controller DPA Status Duration
C077 IMY (Sweden) Pending (0 - 6 months) Filed:
(4 months 1 week ago)


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