C068 SCHUFA Holding AG

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SCHUFA tries to convince data subjects to buy their "BonitätsAuskunft" and makes it difficult to make an Article 15 GDPR access request and uses dark patterns to sell data subjects their own data as a "BonitätsAuskunft". SCHUFA also wrongfully implies that an Article 15 information is not suitable for third parties. SCHUFA also delivers "BonitätsAuskünfte" quicker than Article 15 information. The paid "BonitätsAuskunft" also entails more credit scores than the free Article 15 information. We filed a complaint regarding violations against Article 12(1), 12(2) and 12(3) in Connection with Article 15 GDPR and a violation of Article 15(3) GDPR as well a a "Anzeige" (report on unlawful conduct) with the DPA in Hessen, providing ample evidence, that SCHUFA's violation of the GDPR happens willfully and systematically.

Päivämäärä Summary
access request to case file

we requested access to the case file at the HBDI in order to receive the controller's statement to our complaint.

information about SCHUFA statement

HBDI informed us that SCHUFA made a statement to our complaint. The statement itself was not sent to us.


Complaint against SCHUFA filed to HBDI per online form.