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Forced Consent & Consent Bypass
Filing DPA
Google Ireland Limited
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Partial Decision
Filed: (6 years ago)

The complaint is one of four complaints on "forced consent" (see C001 to C004) which were filed on Max 25th, 2018. The issue is that the user is forced to consent to the processing of their personal data to use the service. Therefore, such consent cannot be considered as free which is a condition under the GDPR.

ATTENTION: This case is not fully documented in the system

Päivämäärä Summary
Status of cases by DPC

Email from DPC on status of several cases

Request to DPC for Status of Complaints
CNIL withdraws the request for a decision on main establishment

CNIL informs noyb on 11/07/2022, that CNIL withdraws the request for a decision from the EDPB on the main establishment.
The reasons given is that the EDPB would need additional information that is difficult to collect. Therefore, the CNIL will file the request once the information is collected.

Answer to the EDPB on rejection to be heard

Answer from noyb to the EDPB on the letter of 17 June 2022 refusing the right to be heard to noyb

Answer to the EDPB on rejection to be heard

The EDPB rejects noyb's request to be heard on the procedure to determine main establishment of Google

Letter from DPC to noyb on status

DPC informed noyb that this case has been referred to the Art 65 procedure by the CNIL and any queries in relation to its status should be addressed to the EDPB Secretariat

noyb letter to the EDPB on the status of the complaint

Noyb letter to the EDPB on the status of the complaint

Update from CNIL

CNIL informed that the EDPB is awaiting further information from the DPC in order to assess whether the file is complete as a whole and to make progress on the Article 65(1)(b) procedure.

Update from CNIL

CNIL formalized the referral to the EDPB on April 26, 2022. The EDPB acknowledged receipt and validated the completeness of the file on May 13, 2022. CNIL relayed noyb's wish to be heard and in this respect the EDPB has indicated that he will contact noyb shortly.

Submission on PDD due
Submission due
Update from CNIL

CNIL has doubts as to who LSA is. They referred this matter to the EDPB for a dispute resolution procedure pursuant to Article 65.1.b of the GDPR.

Complaint Filed
Complaint Filing with DPA