C029-21 SIA TV NET

Data Transfers
Case project
Filing DPA
Case status
Pending (3 - 4 years)
Filed: (3 years 11 months ago)

This is one of noyb 101 complaints which were filed after the "Schrems II" judgement in Summer 2020. The judgement invalidated the EU-US data transfer mechanism "Privacy Shield". The cases were generated based on implemented Google Analytics or Facebook tracking code on websites by EU providers, which leads to unlawful data transfers to the United States.

Datum Summary
DSB providing update

Latvian DPA forwarded case to Estonian DPA, because controller is based there. New IMI Case No. 301266.

DSB has asked Estonian DPA for update.

Update by Latvian DPA case now handled by Estonian DPA

"Tvnet is owned by an Estonian media company (AS Postimes Grupp) and that the decisions concerning data protection are taken by that Estonian company, the case was transfered and is now examined by the Estonian SA (on 4 June 2021 new IMI Case No. 301266 was opened by the Estonian SA). Based on the available information at our disposal, the investigation is still ongoing and the Estonian SA has not made the final decision yet. For any further information, it would be advisable for you to contact the Estonian SA."

noyb calls the Latvian DPA for update

The case manager tells us that she thinks that the Estonian (not the Latvian!) DPA has been determined to be the LSA and that it has not yet issued a decision. She asks noyb for her email address to send her more info and said that she would send it by 01/08/2022.

DSB writes that they have asked the LSA for an update
noyb sends a request for an update to the DSB
DSB informs us that the complaint continues to be under investigation

DSB informs us that the complaint continues to be under investigation and that it is being handled in close cooperation with other concerned DPAs in order to esure a uniform approach.

DSB notifies us that the procedure is stayed until establishment of LSA