Test Cases On Freedom To Exercise GDPR Rights In Any Format

Dez 8, 2018

Many controllers reacted to GDPR with automated systems. While this may be effective and helpful in many cases, there is a tendency that controllers limit the options of data subjects to express their rights to certain „requests“ – that may not always be in the interest of the data subject. Many forms of automated requests are also extremely complicated or not useable in practice.

We are currently filing a number of test cases on the freedom of the data subject to choose the format in which we can exercise GDPR rights. This may range from automated systems, emails and online contact forms to regular letters.

The aim is to ensure that the exercise of rights under GDPR continues to be „tech neutral“, that the data subject can choose the format in which rights under GDPR can be exercised and that these rights stay accessible to every data subject – independent of technical and legal knowledge of the person.