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Privacy-Kickstarter: First € 100,000 for “noyb”!

Dec 20, 2017

Foundation of the new privacy enforcement organization is within reach

Starting on November 28th the “noyb” Kickstarter campaign was able to collect more than € 100.000 for the latest project of privacy activist Max Schrems: A European privacy enforcement organization called “noyb – European Center for Digital Rights”.

noyb shall ensure effective enforcement of the fundamental right to privacy, with a focus on large data companies. The goal of a long-terms core funding of at least € 250,000 is within reach. In the first three weeks noyb was able to collect more than € 100,000. The commitment of initial € 10,000 by Mozilla brought noyb over the €100.000 line.

“So far we have received very positive feedback on our concept. It is not difficult to explain that privacy protections have transition from laws to reality. For the next month we have to ensure that people who support our idea also become supporting members”

says Max Schrems.

Further substantial support was provided by the City of Vienna (€ 25,000 per year) and the operator of the privacy-friendly search engine (€20,000 per year). Further larger financial support is about to be concluded.

Partners such as the Austrian or Norwegian Consumer Protection Association, national data protection NGOs and the procedure financing provider ROLAND will provide practical support.

Through effective and strategic legal enforcement, the experts of noyb want to ensure that existing data protection laws will soon arrive at every user’s device (“#MakePrivacyReal“).

On the one hand, noyb will use informal warnings, complaints, model lawsuits or class actions against companies that knowingly seek to gain an unfair market advantage by disregarding the fundamental rights of users. On the other hand, there should be guidelines and help for the large number of companies that want to comply with the law.

In May 2018, the new “EU Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) comes into force and provides the basis for better privacy protection with fines of € 20 million, emotional damages claims for privacy violations and the possibility for NGOs to collectively enforce data protection claims for users.