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Our Privacy Kickstarter: Halftime – Half Funded

Jan 3, 2018

Halfway through the Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for noyb – European Center for Digital Rights, half of the required sum of at least 250,000 Euros was raised. The Kickstarter runs until 31st January 2018.

“I am really pleased that we have reached the 50 percent. However, stable financing for noyb is only guaranteed if we can secure at least 250,000 euros per year. Anyone who wants to take action and ensure that we can enforce your fundamental right to privacy should become a member until 31 January. So far, the Kickstarter runs very continuously. If this stream of support continues, our funding aims seem to be in reach”,

said lawyer and privacy activist Max Schrems (board member of noyb).

Once noyb (short for “none of your business”) secured funding, it wants to engage in first projects to effectively and strategically enforce the upcoming “EU data protection regulation” (GDPR), which will come into force in May 2018. The new European law provides the basis for serious privacy protections and includes fines of € 20 million, emotional damages and the possibility for NGOs to collectively enforce privacy claims on users.

noyb wants to use this new law to make privacy a reality. The organization can provide effective law enforcement against large corporations with its experts. It will enforce GDPR thought different legal means, such as informal warnings, complaints, model cases or class action lawsuits against companies.

The effort is also intended to ensure fair competition. Companies that knowingly ignore laws in order to gain an unfair market advantage should not be able to participate on the European market. For the (much larger) number of companies that want to comply with the law, there should be guidelines and tools that help to implement the regulations in your own organization.

So far about 850 individuals have agreed to support noyb’s Kickstarter, with the majority coming from German-speaking countries (Austria and Germany):

  1. Austria: 363
  2. German: 342
  3. The Netherlands: 41
  4. UK: 17
  5. Switzerland: 16

In addition, there are annual commitments of € 25,000 by the City of Vienna, the operator of the privacy-friendly search engine (with € 20,000 per year) and Mozilla (the foundation behind the Firefox browser) with € 10,000. In the next few days, further institutional sponsors will be published.In addition to financial support, noyb also partnered with strategic partners, such as the Austrian and Norwegian consumer protection associations, national data protection NGOs, or a procedure financing company, who help with the operational activities.