Streaming Services

In 2018, data subjects represented by noyb, submitted requests to access information about their data with eight streaming services. Article 15 GDPR grants users the “right to access” – a right to get a copy of all raw data that a company holds about the user, as well as additional  information about the sources and recipients of the data, the purpose for which the data is processed and others. noyb observed that, when addressed, the responses to access requests were often incomplete or non-user specific. In eight out of eight cases, noyb filed complaints with the relevant Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) in January 2019. All of the complaints are still open, with current investigations ongoing before the DPAs in the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden and Berlin. Find more information about the complaints here.

Complaint against DAZN. IMI case number: 72272.

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