Open Source

Data protection is not possible without open source.

This website is built with Open and Free Software, as we believe in Open Source and Open Knowledge.

Why is Open Source important

Open software is characterized by the fact that the source code can be viewed and changed by everyone. These seemingly simple demands have far-reaching consequences. For example, license fees are not allowed and the distribution of the software must not be restricted. See the 10 aspects of Open Source that have been set up by the Open Source Initiative.

Open knowledge in this context means the free availability of content and data (“open content” and “open data”) and the right to edit, add to or remove them. The best-known open knowledge project is Wikipedia.

When it comes to data privacy the following aspects are especially important:


Open and free software must include the source code. This way it is transparent what the software does and how. Experts from all over the world are able to inspect and fix issues and contribute to updates. Issues with security or privacy can therefore be found and eliminated. This is not the case for proprietary software, as there is often no transparency about the software internals.

Publishing freedom and the Open Web

Open Source Software plays an important role to keep the web open. It creates freedom in how and where you publish content, as the software is free and you can use it on your own servers or devices.

Also, Open Source Software can help to create alternatives to existing services and therefore helps to reduce dependency on dominant players in the publishing field. When you have the freedom to choose between multiple services it is more likely that privacy concerns are heard and taken seriously. 

Data protection is not possible without open source.

Max Schrems, data protection activist and chairman of the noyb board

Drupal as Open Source CMS for noyb

This website runs on Drupal, one of the leading Open Source CMS worldwide. With more than 1,000,000 developers worldwide contributing — including a large professional service provider ecosystem — Drupal is one of the most secure and stable platforms on the market.

We have choosen Drupal because of its impressive built-in multilingual capabilities, its advanced security and performance features and the active local community.

The Austrian Drupal agency acolono GmbH was the perfect partner for the implementation, because they keep Open Source high in their corporate culture. acolono is very active in the local Drupal association and helpe organize multiple Drupal conferences and the Open Minds Award.